Should you wear your sun protection 365 days of the year?

sun protection 365 days
No matter where you live.
Well, you are either live in the southern hemisphere like me, or you live way over there in the Northern Hemisphere, in which case, summer for you is sadly wrapping up and you are on your way to the cooler winter months. 
Which ever way you look at it, the changing of the season brings with it demands on your skin. With summer approaching it’s always time to think about sun protection. But wait!  If you do live in the Northern Hemisphere don’t click away just yet as all this sun protection still applies no matter where you live. Rail hail or shine you need sun protection. 

Did Mae West have the smoothest pick up line ever?

Nad's Competition
In Search for Australia’s Smoothest Pick Up Line.Nad's Competition
Okay, I know. Why am I asking such a question of you? 
Well it’s just a bit of fun really and if you think you’ve got Australia’s smoothest pickup line, then you could be in the running to win a smooth $5,000!
Nad’s, the Australian hair removal company, are searching for the smoothest pick up line ever. Something memorable, sassy and a little bit cheeky.  The winner picking up a lovely and very smooth $5000AU
Still using old favourites like Mae West or are you full of surprises? Well, you will have to enter to win…

Confessions of an occasional beauty addict.

Beauty addict
Or why I’m here..
If you have been following The Beauty Issue for a while, or read my about page or my manifesto, then you may have an idea that I began my career in beauty as a beauty therapist.  What you may not know is, after a short lived stint working in a beauty salon it became abundantly clear to me what I loved about beauty therapy was not painting nails, plucking eyebrows or waxing away the hirsute needs of my clients. No, it was the sharing of knowledge and helping others in finding solutions to their skin issues that really inspired me. This was and still is the driving force in my career.

Is your hair and makeup ‘look’ ageing you?

Is your makeup look ageing you
The more things change the more they stay the same..
Or is it really the more time passes the more things stay the same? Yesterday, while thinking about what I would write about today, my mind was cast back to a friend who I hadn’t seen for years who I had very randomly, out of the blue bumped into. It’s funny when you see someone from long ago, how one of the first things you both do is mentally size each other up. Have the years been kind? What’s she doing that I’m not?  She’s ageing well/terribly... Is this a thing we women do or do guys do it too? I suspect we women are famously notorious for this.  Once sized up, we usually express how good we are both looking.. well, that’s at least what we both hope for isn’t it? 

5 cosmeceutical skincare brands giving your skin a workout.

Cosmeceutical Skincare Brands
Ever wonder what a Cosmeceutical is?
Have you even heard the term? If you have any kind of obsession with the appearance of your skin then you may know this term. But, you would be forgiven for not knowing as it is, after all, a made up word. That doesn’t mean you wont find it on The Google.. oh yes indeed you will. In fact, cosmeceutical even has it’s own wikipedia page which you can find here. But I’ll give you a quick definition. It’s a made up term or to be more accurate, a product with a merging of cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. 
Unfortunately the word has been used and abused  by marketing departments the world over.  So much so, it’s hard to sort fact from fiction.