Chocolate. 5 Reasons to drop the guilt over eating chocolate forever!

Chocolate - 5 Reasons to drop the guilt
Once upon a time, way back in the day.. well okay, not that long ago, but a few years ago, I was sharing house with a friend, when on a typical single girl evening, my flatmate exclaimed that she was in desperate need of chocolate and, as I was venturing out, would I mind bringing back the necessary supplies. Of course, knowing only too well the feeling, I obliged.  Once at said chocolate shop, I pondered.. which chocolate should I buy? I thought about milk chocolate for about a nanosecond and then dutifully picked up my favourite dark chocolate, the darker the better I thought..


Once home, my eternally grateful housemate, suddenly turned into a woman who, one might describe as crazy, not just crazy, but furious, incredulous, ranting even. How, could I bring home dark chocolate! I was then promptly put into a category of a miniscule and in her eyes, lowly 5 percent of the entire world population who actually liked dark chocolate. Her dismay was a little lost on me and seeing that I had been charged with the duty of buying the stuff I figured it was my prerogative, not only that I secretly like being in this tiny little minority of people on the planet that liked dark chocolate.


Which leads me to todays article and everything else I am about to say about chocolate. Of course, everything good and pure about eating guilt free chocolate does come with a couple of little caveats. The first being it must be dark and secondly, if you really want to indulge completely free of guilt, then it must be sugar free, (more on this a little later) but fear not I will provide you with options..

Learning to love my laugh lines.

Learn to love your laugh lines
At the tender age of 25 I noticed my first wrinkles of expression, tiny creases around my mouth that seemed to appear without warning. Not really wrinkles, no, just little laugh lines.

I’ve been trying to love my “laugh lines” with varying degrees of success ever since.


It’s time to make peace with my laugh lines.

A few years back. I bumped into a very old and dear friend. We had worked together in the beauty industry for a few years. 10 years or more had passed since then, so it was a great delight and surprise for both of us to, by chance meet again. After the obligatory “it’s so amazing to see you again after all this time” we settled in over a coffee. It didn’t take us long to get to our second amazement.

You look great. Oh thanks…Really? Yeah, you look fantastic, Oh no, I’m so much older now.. Nah, you’re fine… your laugh lines are just longer” 

Bam!! There it was. My laugh lines had just got longer.


This was not said to insult, it was as a compliment of sorts and from where my dear and long lost friend was sitting, quite a sincere one.
Fast approaching 50, I felt strangely comforted in the fact that if the worst thing about my changing appearance was a few lines that traced my face where laughter had been, well, I walked away happier, all my efforts to win the campaign against premature ageing were actually working!!

6 Daily essentials for great skin at any age.

6 Daily Essentials for Great Skin
If you’ve ever walked through a department store and ventured into the cosmetic department or visited a cosmetic website or even your beauty therapist, then you know how confusing and intimidating choosing the right products for your skin can be.  You may start to wonder if it really is possible to achieve great skin or at least better skin?
I know how you feel, it’s overwhelming and intimidating.  But, once upon a time,  my view was from the other side of the counter where I gave people just like you, advice. Of course, I was selling products, yet I never sold a product I didn’t, at the time believe in.


But really what drove me, believe it or not, was being truthful and honest with my clients. If it wasn’t right I’d be the first to tell them.

Let’s go to Paris.

Carrie In Paris
I’ve been dreaming of going to Paris for a while now, walking the streets of Paris by night, shopping by day, travelling down the Seine in a boat, meeting the man of my dreams. Oh sorry, I drifted off for a moment. 

Carla Coulson Portrait Photography


I planned to go last year, but the concept and development of this website took precedence. I even toyed with the very romantic idea of having a professional photo shoot in the streets of Paris, actually I am still considering this idea and then Viola’ a message from heaven. Well, not quite, but almost. A message from the very talented and inspirational Carla Coulson appeared in my inbox. 
A competition! To win a fabulous portrait shoot in Paris!! Oh Magnifique!!
If you don’t know who Carla is, then please, you must go hereCarla creates magic, romance and love with her camera and her own personal story is just as inspirational as her photography and as a way of thanking her fans and followers, Carla is a holding a competition for a portrait shoot in Paris.  

Mais oui!!

I must enter. You must too.. You’ll have to find your own way to Paris as well as your own accommodation which can always be found over at Petite Paris
So planning a trip this year?  Then pop on over to Carla’s website for all the details.
Bonne chance!!

The Beauty Issue



20 Ways to slow down, reboot and push back on ageing.

20 Ways to slow down, reboot and push back ageing.
I’ve just returned from a couple of weeks of fast living in Sydney. I lived in Sydney for 18 years and I love Sydney, but for the last couple of years circumstances led me to a life in the country, which I talk about here.  I swapped Stilettos for Sneakers and if you know me well, you would know this was a significant change.
Sydney seems even busier than ever and I’m really not sure if it’s me that has changed or Sydney?  Everyone seemed to be in such a rush? To where? Who knows. 


We’re living in a fast world.  Information flies at us at lightening speed. News stories come and go before we can even think to ponder their implications on our lives. Everyday, we are bombarded with ideas, products and solutions with the promise to make our lives somehow better.

So all this rushing around got me thinking about the impact on our health,  the quality of our sleep, our furrowed brows, our stress levels, our impaired digestion.  Finding ways to slow down and finding time for ourselves may be more important than ever if we are to live healthy, happy and productive lives. 


So today,  with all this in mind. 20 Ways to slow down, reboot and do a few little things to help push back on time and on the ageing of your skin, your body and your mind.