Beauty 101: Salicylic Acid. Acne, Age Spots & Ageing.

Acne, Ageing Age spots

Life was almost perfect. Then this happened.

Her confusion was growing, frustration bubbling away under the surface, her angst becoming more and more noticeable. It just shouldn’t be this way, she thought. I’m confident, smart, successful and yet? Now in her forties, what she thought she’d left behind in her twenties, began to make a reappearance. On top of this, there was something else beginning to appear.

5 Beauty myths: Dehydrated skin

dehydrated skin

Beauty myths!! They are everywhere.

Some we love to believe, or some we refuse to let go of but then there are some, when it comes to your skin, just have to be dispelled. So it is my mission in this article to help debunk the beauty myths about dehydrated skin and offer you real solutions to fix this problem.