5 Beauty myths: Dehydrated skin

dehydrated skin

Beauty myths!! They are everywhere.

Some we love to believe, or some we refuse to let go of but then there are some, when it comes to your skin, just have to be dispelled. So it is my mission in this article to help debunk the beauty myths about dehydrated skin and offer you real solutions to fix this problem. 

Cinematic Beauty: Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

This is the first in an occasional series called Cinematic Beauty.

I’ll be taking a look at those women whose style, beauty and talent transcends time and place. Taking inspiration from both classic and new cinema. Their look, their talent, their style, their classic and timeless beauty.
This week, in keeping with the recently announced 2015 Oscar nominations, I want to shine a little light on the French actress, Marion Cotillard who as been nominated for her role in the film Two Days, One night. Directed by the Dardennes brothers from Belgium.

The diet starts tomorrow!

The diet starts tomorrow

Here we go again. Promises, promises.

Alright, so you’ve told yourself this before and now here you go again. The diet starts tomorrow, just after this last piece of cake, or you’re  just going to finish off all the treats left from Christmas.. then you’ll start. Truly, the diet really does START TOMORROW!

Rocking a red lipstick on the Golden Globes red carpet!

rocking a red lipstick

Can you rock a red lipstick? Should you?

While watching the 72nd Golden Globes I couldn’t help but notice the quintessential red lipstick making an appearance on a fewer of the older women at the awards. Now, red lipstick is one of those makeup statements that becomes tricky as you get older. Personally, I hate any makeup trend or makeup advice that dictates how we choose to look as we age, after all, you’ve got so far in life. Do what makes you happy right? Well, sort of.