Chocolate. A love story.


It’s chocolate season. 4 Chocolate Recipes.

I have no idea how the giving of eggs at Easter time went from a representation of the gift of life and renewal to the huge sugar and chocolate rush that it has now become. Be that as it may, many of us still find ourselves indulging in more than just the celebration of Easter but in a major Choc-fest.

Beauty 101: Salicylic Acid. Acne, Age Spots & Ageing.

Acne, Ageing Age spots

Life was perfect. Then this happened.

Her confusion was growing, frustration bubbling away under the surface, her angst becoming more and more noticeable. It just shouldn’t be this way, she thought. I’m confident, smart, successful and yet? Now in her forties, what she thought she’d left behind in her twenties, began to make a reappearance. On top of this, there was something else beginning to appear.