Niacinamide: Your plan B.

Niacinamide B3

Everyone should have a Plan B. Right?

So, if you’ve been following, then you’d know by now, every effective skin care regimen should have some form of retinol in it. But, it would be folly to think every beauty or skin concern or worry you have can be solved by one single ingredient.

Making the right choice in skincare.

right choice in skincare

Choosing the best for you.

How do you make the right choice in skincare? Do you have a specific criteria or values you always look for?
The right skincare choice that suits you and works for you can be both confusing and distressing. How much should you spend? And after all the money you’ve spent is it really working? Which brand should you trust? Who speaks the truth and where to go for the best advice?

The Micro-beads Myth!


Ban the Micro-beads!!

“Tiny perfectly formed and perfectly round polypropylene Micro-beads that, perfect micro-spheres when gently massaged into the skin will perfectly dislodge debris trapped in your follicles without scratching or causing damage to your skin” 
It sounded so good. Could it be true? Micro-beads? Perfect spheres? The perfect shape to dislodge whatever is trapped in your follicles?  Did I believe it? No I didn’t. Should you? Probably not. 

10 Top skin care tips for 2016

skincare tips

Goodbye 2015. Hello 2016!

As 2015 slips away, we can either celebrate the year that was or cheer on what the promise of a new year will bring.
Few of us wouldn’t spend at least a few moments pondering what we can do better in the next 12 months. Work, life, family, love, money, being the change you want to see in the world. All worthy of reflection. But what about your skin? Can it actually be better than the year ago?