Botox: 9 questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

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Botox: the not-so-new frontier.

There is nothing new about botox, it’s has been used successfully in the medical profession for well on 20 years now, but probably in the last 10 years has become a mainstream cosmetic procedure for the reduction in dynamic wrinkles
Most commonly known as botox but to be clear it is actually Botulinum Toxin Type A and when injected into a muscle will relax the muscle contraction for at least 3 months, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on where it has been injected and your physical anatomical makeup. 

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta

Hearing the news this week of the passing of Oscar de la Renta, my mind wonders back to the 90’s when his signature fragrance was the only fragrance I ever wore.
This article is my small tribute to a man with a life long passion to dress women beautifully. He certainly achieved his dream, his vision and his passion and we are all the better for it.  Here is a man who understood the beauty of a woman. I cannot imagine a life (nor do I want to) without the happy memories Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Audrey Hepburn or Oscar de la Renta evoke for me.
A true icon of beautiful, gorgeous fashion design. Here are a few of my favourite shots. 

A quick fix solution to wrinkles.

solution to wrinkles

I’m not really into quick fix solutions.

Never one to believe anything in life can be fixed instantly unless you win the lottery of course, that’s a quick fix albeit of another kind.
When it comes to most skin care and the hyped up promises of a quick fix solution to wrinkles, I get quite annoyed as often the very temporary or short lived nature of these anti ageing solutions is rarely declared. But I’ll spare you the rant, if you want to know my view in excruciating detail you can find it here.
But what about something that seems like a quick fix solution but actually gives long term results? Something that actually is a solution to wrinkles? Now we’re talking!! Now we have something to get really excited about. 

Finding balance in a crazy world

Finding Balance

Diary of an orthorexic.

This is a story about balance. A story about pushing through all the noise, advice and good intentions and listening to what you and your body needs. But first a story about Orthorexia:  Which, if you look up this word, is defined as an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy. A word I had never heard of until today when by chance, I read an article about a young woman who had decided to give up her dedicated life as a vegan and began to reintroduce meat and dairy back into her diet.

Vitamin A for your skin – Activate your youth enzymes!

vitamin A

Not all Vitamin A derivatives are created equal.

Any skin care company promising to stamp out wrinkles, eliminate brown spots or pigmentation or even clear up acne, will (or should) have some form of Vitamin A contained within the regimen, but choosing the right one for your skin can become confusing as not all vitamin A derivatives are created equal. There are a variety to choose from and skin care companies don’t always choose the most effective. I have written briefly about the importance of vitamin A as an essential part of any good skin care regimen here. But today we are going a little bit deeper!