A skin for all seasons.

radical measure

Ever wondered what’s going to happen to your skin this Christmas Season?

Too much alcohol, too much food, too much stress, too much sugar, too much sun. Just too much of everything. Whether you live south of the equator or yours is to be a chilly white christmas with too much time in front of the fire. All will take their toll on your skin.
As fun as the season can be, you are likely to activate more free radicals and glycation than your body normally would.  The lipid barrier of your skin begins to show signs of stress due to all those late nights, alcohol, and maybe a bit of neglect in your usual skin care routine, I mean after all who cleanses their skin after a night on the tiles? Right? Well, I do, but I think I’m alone on this.. I know, I’m a fanatic about it. 

A sugar free Christmas

sugar free christmas

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

I don’t eat sugar, in fact I have not eaten any significant quantities of sugar for nearly 3 years. I never really ate that much sugar anyway, but it seemed like a good way to improve my health and as I often say, it takes the everyday sweet temptation challenges right out of the equation when processed sugar is no longer in your world.
I find it easy, most of the time. But then comes Christmas. 
The idea that you could actually have a Christmas absent of sweetness is probably quite challenging for most. Rich dark fruit cake, plum pudding, mince pies… it is the one time of the year where, if you do follow a sugar free lifestyle it can be a quite the challenge. 

The mind-body connection: Are you minding your mind?

the mind-body connection

More than skin deep.

I write a lot about how to take care of your skin. I am absolutely evangelical about wearing a good sunscreen. If you don’t believe me you better read this. I get frustrated at the amount of skin care that is available that does not stack up from a scientific point of view. Beauty in some form or another has been my career and I guess you could say it’s been my life, although I do not feel defined by it. It’s had it’s rewards. Helping others find confidence through their appearance can be quite fulfilling. But then watching someone lose perspective in their appearance? Not so much. 

Beauty 101: Hyper-pigmentation


The musings of a mad woman.

Just like the mad musings of Lady Macbeth once they appear those damned brown spots of pigmentation can be quite the curse. You may think with despair in your heart that what has been done from a lifetime of sun cannot be undone. But all is not lost.
The uneven discolouration of a pigmented cells can be quite distressing. Especially if what was once a beautiful tan begins to almost dismantle itself into something far less than the pretty golden glow you once aspired to in your youth and proudly showed off every summer. It just begins to look a little jaded. For many this is not a happy occurrence at all!

Are your hormones ruining your life?

Your hormones

Is it just me or is it my hormones?

There is a well known belief that admitting you have a problem is the first and biggest step to conquering the problem. This is a belief usually applied to problems with addiction.
Another way of looking at this idea is that once you admit to a problem not only can you begin to solve the problem but it opens your mind up to new ways of looking at the problem and possible solutions. Strangely as you begin to do this, new ideas, concepts, people and answers you just couldn’t see before, begin to emerge.