The trivial pursuit of beauty.

The trivial pursuit of beauty
Sometimes events or situations happen in our own lives or in the greater world, so upsetting and disturbing, that many of the things we usually fuss and fight about become insignificant. These life events are the great levellers or catalysts in our lives.These are the times when I am left feeling the subject of beauty is just frivolous, trivial and nothing more than vanity.


What’s really important in life?
Is our quest for beauty really so important? If we spend too much time on the internet and in mainstream media then you could begin to think it is. On the surface it would appear to be vain and trivial, the images of celebrities parading their perfections can leave us all a little, well, at best bemused at worst, with a bad dose of comparitis.. It all makes me want to turn away, not bother with the trivialities of beauty.  It’s never as important as we sometimes believe it to be and yet, after going through a few of my own life altering circumstances in the last few years, I still continue to maintain the view, how we care about and perceive our outward appearance plays a crucial role in a positive state of mind and our wellbeing.

12 ideas to stop you feeling bad about your neck.

Ageing Skin
I feel bad about my neck and other stories..
There is a book written by Nora Ephron the film director who brought us films such as When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and the classic 90’s movie, You’ve Got Mail. When Nora was not writing and directing, she penned short stories which were eventually published in a book called I Feel Bad About My Neck. Nora describes perfectly the feelings evoked as we watch helplessly as our necks begin to age. Nora has a wry wit and you’ll have to read the book if you want to know the conclusions Nora draws on the ageing skin of her neck.

Regrets of a misspent youth. 3 Ways to turn back time.

Deep Chemical Peels
We all have regrets. I have quite a few.
What I’d really like to say is regret is a wasted emotion, but that’s probably a topic for another day. Some regrets we just have to live with, but then sometimes, we can make amends and try and fix the errors of the past. But today in the final of The Peel Series,  I just want to focus on those youthful and seemingly carefree activities that are now coming back to bite.


Today we’re going deep!
Like all regrets, those of our youth have a troubling way of surfacing much later in life and when it comes to our skin a lifetime of exposure to the sun and other damaging activities like smoking, airborne pollutants and even poor nutrition can lead to premature lines, wrinkles and discolouration. Skin care alone, no matter how good and regardless of the promises made,  just cannot treat these kind of deeply engraved skin issues. 

25,000 skincare products worldwide. Which one is right for you?

The Beauty Issue

25,000 skin care products!

When I heard that statistic, it got me thinking. With so much choice and so many promises, how the heck do you know which skin care product or brand is right for you?  Now here’s another statistic, there are a bajillion beauty blogs and websites offering advice. Of course, with a worldwide population of 7 billion, a bajillion, perhaps is still not enough. Oh and yes, here’s one more statistic. There are 525,600 minutes in a year.  How many of those precious minutes do you want to spend pondering your skin care?  

4 Women who inspire.

Women who inspire
We all have inspirational women in our lives, or people that spur us on.
Whether that be in our immediate life or from afar. Perhaps, it’s a parent, a sister or a best friend. Or, maybe it’s someone who seems to be in such a lofty position we can only dream of what their lives must be like, and yet they inspire. 
Today, I want to share with you a few gals that have inspired me. Particularly in the last 12 month. None of these women found success or happiness without their own fair share of struggle. Having turned a corner in my own path in recent times, I find inspiration in the choices these women have made, the path less travelled or is it just the sliding door of fate. Or a bit of both?