Finding balance in a crazy world

Finding Balance

Diary of an orthorexic.

This is a story about balance. A story about pushing through all the noise, advice and good intentions and listening to what you and your body needs. But first a story about Orthorexia:  Which, if you look up this word, is defined as an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy. A word I had never heard of until today when by chance, I read an article about a young woman who had decided to give up her dedicated life as a vegan and began to reintroduce meat and dairy back into her diet.

Vitamin A for your skin – Activate your youth enzymes!

vitamin A

Not all Vitamin A derivatives are created equal.

Any skin care company promising to stamp out wrinkles, eliminate brown spots or pigmentation or even clear up acne, will (or should) have some form of Vitamin A contained within the regimen, but choosing the right one for your skin can become confusing as not all vitamin A derivatives are created equal. There are a variety to choose from and skin care companies don’t always choose the most effective. I have written briefly about the importance of vitamin A as an essential part of any good skin care regimen here. But today we are going a little bit deeper!

Juice detox? It’s not just about the juice.

Juice detox

A juice revolution is born.

It was late, getting close to midnight on a Sunday night. Time to settle in for a night of restful slumber. But, night owl that I am. I’ll just watch a little bit of television before I drift off.. or so I thought. But, I couldn’t switch off. I was compelled. Here was a story about what seemed to me, like an extraordinary mission by one man to lose weight and get healthy. 
A sabbatical of sorts that took this Aussie guy away from his home, his friends and his free wheeling lifestyle to journey across America with not much more than a Juicer, a cameraman a lot of fruit and vegetables and a very big mission.

Vitamin D and the sunshine conundrum

Vintage Bathing Suits 1969 Vogue

The beauty vitamin we all need.

If there was a vitamin that could be named universally as the beauty vitamin, then for me, vitamin D would be the one. Often called the sunshine vitamin, it’s actually a hormone which is stimulated when sunshine interacts with a type of cholesterol found in your skin. Your body then does its thing and viola’ you have vitamin D stored for when your body needs it. Simple enough and yet, we seem to be missing out.. 

Is ageing inevitable or just a state of mind?

Is ageing inevitable
Some of us just seem to age better than others.
Why is it that some of us with the passing of time just get, well, old, while others manage to keep a youthfulness that belies their chronological age?


I’m not talking about how many lines begin to trace the face, no, it’s the demeanour, the posture, the way they think and a sense of  serenity. They seem to be at peace within themselves, their life and with time. Sure they’ve aged and yet, they truly have retained a youthful zest for life. They just seem to be an older version of who they were 30, 40 or 50 years ago.