Future proof your skin.

premature ageing

When’s the right time to start?

Ever wondered at what age you should begin to future proof your skin? You know, stop it from ageing.  Well, it’s around about 12 months. Seriously. This is the age we can safely introduce our first skin care product, which should be a gentle sun protection for your delicate baby skin. 
Keep doing this every day and by the time you reach 50 years, you’ll be so pleased with the condition of your skin, no one in bajillion years will ever guess your actual true age. But, what if this didn’t happen?

Struggling to give up sugar?


For the love of all things sweet.

Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile with the idea that something you love is nothing more than an addiction.
Why is it that those things we enjoy become addictive? Is it just that we lack self-control or when it comes to something as sweet and delicious as sugar it’s actually addictive? If you’re hooked on that candy jar on your desk, then you probably already know the answer. Right?

Ray of Light.


A little light relief.

Madonna recently posted an image on Instagram bathing her face in a comforting blue light.
I stared at the picture, daydreaming about what it would be like to have my very own blue light device. I imagined Madge strolling down to a purposed built wing of her home where all manner of equipment for beautification and anti-ageing would be at her fingertips.
I don’t know if this is true, but if I was Madonna and I had the financial means to do so, I would, without a moment of hesitation, have my very own blue light.
What was Madge doing?

How eating jelly can reduce your wrinkles.


Gelatin, the overnight sensation.

What’s a family get-together without a big bowl of Jelly trifle? But have you ever thought of jelly as a health food? No? A superfood? Are you kidding? Reduce wrinkles? Really?
They say it takes 20 years to make an overnight success. When it comes to gelatin, you could say even longer. It’s been around for so long you’d be forgiven for thinking it was anything more than an essential, albeit humble ingredient for making jelly. Well, read on as I’ve got some great news for you. 

Beauty 101: Dimethicone


The path to flawless skin.

Indeed tis‘ a rocky one. A journey to a destination you may never reach.  You, your skin, ever changing, influenced by so many factors. Time, the sun, your diet, the bad habits you refuse to give up or the good ones you wished you’d taken on so much earlier.