The Beauty Issue loves… 5 Fabulous beauty must haves.

The Beauty Issue Loves. 5 Fabulous Beauty Must Haves
Some products deserve a special place in the bathroom cabinet.
I love products that stand the test of time, the true classics that never go out of style.  Treasured finds that regardless of the cost, present quality and get the job done with ease, with or without any hype. I’m sharing 5 of, what I think are true beauty classics that always have a spot in my bathroom cabinet or beauty bag. 


Dark circles. In your genes or are you just tired?

Dark Circles
You know that saying. Out of the mouths of babes?
Quite a few years ago.. around the age of 40, I was given a compliment that at first you would think, not really a compliment at all, more of a comment. But really, I love this kind of backhanded compliment or perhaps it’s just me finding the silver lining in someones tactless remarks.
You don’t see it coming and even when it hits you right over the head, you’re not quite sure whether it was meant to offend or flatter.  It’s the kind of comment that stays with you forever it seems. 
These compliments usually come from the mouths of babes. On this occasion, it was from a guy I had been seeing.. yes, okay he was younger than me, quite a bit younger, but it was a fun time and as they say, Umm, I don’t know what they say.. let’s get on with it shall we..   

Forbidden fruit. How sweet it is.

Forbidden fruit. How sweet it is.
No need to miss out on the sweeter things in life. 4 delightful sugar free recipes to satisfy your inner sweet tooth.
If you have been following this website for a while, you may know that I live a sugar free life and have done so for the last 2 years. Most of the time it’s pretty easy.  In fact,  easier than I ever thought possible, but of course there can still be occasions when it can be difficult. Usually the most challenging times are in social situations where it’s hard to ignore and refuse the sugary foods on offer.
Take heart, if you are considering making the change, then giving up sugar does not have to mean giving up sweetness. Although, some would say (especially in the beginning of your sugar free life) any kind of sweetness can trigger the reward receptors in your brain which can lead to a sugar addiction.. but let’s not be too hard on ourselves.. 

Lauren Bacall. A well designed woman.

Lauren Bacall. A well designed woman.
It was a funny thing. Over the last week I have been helping my sister in her big move to the city of Melbourne (Australia). Like all upheavals of this nature, an exhausting experience and by the end of the week, I felt so tired, it was as if I had aged overnight and I looked it. Feeling a little less than positive about my appearance I decided to go have myself a small pity party for one. Vain? Yes, of course. Self indulgent? I’m afraid so.


With the unsettling feeling of age creeping up on me, I awoke on Tuesday to the sad news of Lauren Bacall passing away. Hearing this news although sad, changed my perspective almost instantly. Here was a woman who despite sadness and loss and many years of being alone, always appeared to hold herself with a healthy regard and with an air of confidence that is as admirable as it is inspiring. 

No luck required. The art of achieving your dreams.

Achieving your dreams
Desperately seeking something..
There’s literally millions of books and websites dedicated to the subject of goal setting and the achievement of our hopes and dreams. It would be hard to imagine you haven’t at some point in your life picked up a book on this worthy subject. Clearly with the amount of self help books available, many of us are interested in the how to’s of goal setting and the turning of dreams into realities. 
Diving in to read any such book may be a worthwhile and enlightening experience and yet with so much advice being dispensed your dreams continue to allude you. Vision boards, goal setting lists, life mapping and positive affirmations for the life you want. The search is on for a life unlike the one you have now or perhaps just a better version of your current life.